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Milestones 100,000 Hits Hooray!
100,000 Hits Hooray!

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MK_Wizard 16th May 2018, 3:12 PM edit delete
I don't believe it... It's not even my first comic anniversary yet and I already reached the 100,000 views mark. This mark completely surpasses what I was expecting from my first comic is such a short period of time.

Thank you all for taking a moment to take a look at my work. It makes me happy, flattered and encouraged. I hope you all like what you see as much as I like presenting it.

PS: After getting some sound advice from a good friend, I have updated the contest so that it is easier and simpler so everyone can participate. Just click the contest link above.
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Dera Nuel 16th May 2018, 3:47 PM edit delete reply
Dera Nuel
Congratulations!! Keep up the good work. I really like your stuff!
MK_Wizard 16th May 2018, 4:27 PM edit delete reply
Aww, thanks.

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