3rd Contest - Belated Third Anniversary Contest

Belated Third Anniversary Contest

Author Notes:

MK_Wizard 2nd Aug 2020, 10:39 AM


I had to delay this year's anniversary contest because I am a mom now so that is my main priority for life. The bright side is that it gave me time to think of a much more cheerful and cute anniversary contest. I call it the "What would their children be like?" contest. In a nutshell, it is a contest inspired by my beautiful son of which you have to come up with how the main couple of my main webcomic (Jekyll and Hyde) Hyde and Lucy's children would be like. You can come up with one, twins or maybe even triplets. You can have sons, daughters or non-binary (Hyde and Lucy are progressive that way). The picture can feature only the child(ren) or be a family pic. However, it needs to have their child(ren) at least.

Also, keep in mind that Hyde's dominant colour is red and Lucy's is pink so their child(ren) would have a dominant colour that symbolises them too. It can be one colour or the other, a reddish pink or something totally unique, but they do need a designated colour that suits their personality.

Rules are as follows;
1- Only full colour with full body are acceptable. Hyde and Lucy's kid(s) can be any age, but we have to get a full clear picture.
2- The kid(s) need to look related to both parents. They can look more like one than the other, but at least some small part of each parent has to show.
3- Hyde is a troll so the kid(s) will be half-troll and it needs to show. Half-trolls (even when they look mostly human) still have the eyes, teeth and height of a troll at least.
4- The setting has to stay in Victorian style. As fun as modern fashion is, you have to stick to the setting.
5- You have to submit your picture by September 1, 2020. Then there will be a voting period which will end October 1. Winners will be announced October 2. Submit your entries at m-kap@hotmail.com

BONUS: Keep it kind and SFW please. I want a nice clean contest here.

1st Place - Mini poster of the picture shown below delivered to you by mail along with a digital full colour commission free.
2nd Place - Print of the picture shown below delivered to you by mail along with a digital full colour commission free.
3rd Place - Digital full colour commission free.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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