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Dr. Henry Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll is a sweet and gentle man to an extreme fault making him prone to being walked on and used by everyone which lead him to researching a way to better the self through science. Like all eccentric geniuses, his research lead him towards the Hyde Formula and through it, he would up meeting someone who would change his life forever... his alter ego Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Edward Hyde

Being Jekyll's shadow, Hyde is a wild, free spirited and overconfident troll who loves money, gambling, indulging, female attention and life with no borders. While he means no one harm, he doesn't let anyone get too close to him emotionally as he doesn't want to be used. He also can't stand it when people use others hence why he openly defies the board of governors especially Carew.

Gabriel John Utterson

He is Jekyll's good friend and is often the first person to stand up for him or anyone who is mistreated. He is not concerned with social status and treats people with respect based on their actions. He also knows all too well how sleazy the board of governors are namely Carew.

Lucy Harris

This steel magnolia is as tough as she is lovely and cannot be softened with sweet talk alone as Hyde discovered. As her scars indicate, she had a hard life and faced many hardships that made her the way she is.

Richard Cornelius Poole

This sweet old gentleman took an instant liking to Hyde for getting rid of the thugs who were hurting his business at his bar The Old Shoe by harassing and mugging his customers. He knows many things due to both his age and personal life.

Sir Danvers Carew

He is a member of the board of governors who passes off as a cheerful and dandy gentleman, but he is actually a forked tongue rat who will use you, betray you or both for money while passing it off as only acting in your best interest. He has gathered quite a few enemies over the years because of his sleazy ways and has ruined many lives for his own benefit. He is also not above bending the law to his will if not ignoring it entirely in order to meet his goals.

Eleanor "Nellie" Carew

She is the governor's only child and it shows by how sheltered and spoiled she is. She has been highly misguided on how to handle not getting what she wants and has never been taught that every action including a bad one has a consequence.

Dr. Hastie Lanyon

He is Jekyll's long time rival namely for the university position that governor Carew promised to whoever invented the most beneficial product. Of course, what Carew really meant was that he wanted something that would be the most profitable which wound up being Lanyon's hair removal cream. Like the governor, Lanyon is not as good as he seems.


This cocky cockatoo is Jekyll's best friend and has taken a liking to Hyde as well. Being an animal, his psyche works differently from a person's so he can see, sense, hear and even speak to both Jekyll and Hyde regardless of who is in control of the body.

Emily Jekyll

She is a spirited teenager with a tomboyish streak and often either forgets or doesn't care about being a lady when it comes to standing up for her beliefs. She can be very tough on her uncle Dr. Jekyll for being so submissive, but only because she desperately wants him to find his nerve.

Willard "Will" Jekyll

Unlike his sister Emily, he is much more forgiving to their uncle's submissive nature. Like most little boys, he is very easy going and curious. He also always looks forward to performing experiments with his uncle the genius or eating whatever he baked for their visit.

Thomas "Tom" Rider

A lower class thug and bully with no sense of decency whatsoever.

Emma Carmen

Jekyll's ex-fiancée who cheated on him throughout their relationship and eventually left him to be with the other man.

Sgt. Oliver Drumwell

A strict half-troll with a strong sense of duty to protect the innocent and uphold the law. He is also Hyde's ally and opponent at the same time due to being on opposite sides of the law, but on the same page on how things need to change.

Winnifred Opal

The coach of the badminton team who knows how to keep control of her court and doesn't take nonsense lightly inside or outside her court.


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