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Act 6 - Page 14

Page 14

Author Notes:

MK_Wizard 27th Mar 2018, 3:27 PM

PS, I am so sorry! I didn't realise that there were these insane shipping fees for the digital book and art. I took them off so now, everything should be reasonable. The next time something looks wrong in my shop, please tell me, guys.


shibazoid! 28th Mar 2018, 12:12 AM

:( he should... just take a nap. naps fix all of life's woes.
MK_Wizard 28th Mar 2018, 12:15 AM

That and clear his head. The poor galoot needs to clean his mess.
Eve Z. 28th Mar 2018, 3:22 AM
Eve Z.

"I just kicked my own ass. I'm going home." :'D
MK_Wizard 28th Mar 2018, 10:06 AM

Yup. That about sums it up.
Dera Nuel 31st Mar 2018, 9:18 PM
Dera Nuel

You need to calm down and think, Hyde.maybe sleep it off.
AmeliaP 9th Apr 2018, 12:14 PM

It's a poetic justice for Hyde. I mean, he got angry, he ended up hurting himself.
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