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Act 8 - Page 20

Page 20


Anonymous Puffin 9th Sep 2018, 6:38 AM

LoL, Lanyon's face goes from a pleading "Please don't kill me!" to a murderous "Kill him, Tom!" in the space of 3 panels.
Having a thug with a gun on your side sure works wonders for your courage!
MK_Wizard 9th Sep 2018, 8:17 AM

That is the point of Lanyon. He is one of those cowardly bullies.
Dera Nuel 9th Sep 2018, 5:22 PM
Dera Nuel

A bully is nothing without his minions.
MK_Wizard 9th Sep 2018, 5:24 PM

Bullies generally do have minions because they aren't brave enough to walk the walk and when they are, they still lack true bravery because they won't stand up to what's really bothering them.
BitterBadger 29th Sep 2020, 3:26 PM

Part of me believes Hyde would be able to endure at least one shot and still mop the floor with these guys.
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