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Case 3 - Page 7

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Author Notes:

MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2019, 7:00 AM

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Jeremy7 19th Jun 2019, 7:49 AM

"You stockpiled Cadbury Creme Eggs, and didn't offer to share? How could you, uncle?!"
MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2019, 8:31 AM

I'm afraid the situation is not that comedic.
Jeremy7 19th Jun 2019, 9:04 AM

I know it's not, I just needed to make a joke before Jekyll's dragged off to jail for alchemy he did not commit.
MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2019, 10:12 AM

We’ll see if it comes to that.
Dera Nuel 19th Jun 2019, 5:33 PM
Dera Nuel

Just great. You chose a perfect time to need ink Emily.
MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2019, 5:37 PM

Uh uh, we can't pin this one on Emily. Jekyll having a roommate within himself is HIS responsibility as is their vigilante operation.
Anonymous Puffin 20th Jun 2019, 4:37 AM

Jumping to conclusions in 5, 4, 3, 2...
JammyTheBirb 8th Sep 2019, 5:28 PM

This is going to take some explaining...
BitterBadger 7th Oct 2020, 1:31 PM

Hey now, you can believe that the egg is there for scientific purposes!
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