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Author Notes:

MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2021, 7:00 AM

He may be a wolf and not a fox, but Savage is not stupid unlike Simon Don't forget about the contest!


Jeremy7 19th Jun 2021, 3:05 PM

Maybe if you didn't do anything that would lead to your ruin, you wouldn't be in this position in the first place
Casscade 19th Jun 2021, 6:17 PM

Lol! The last panel. XD
Ooh, going to get awkward now that we know for sure he knows Lucy's secret.
MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2021, 6:44 PM

Thanks. Btw, are you participating in the Kiss Goodbye contest? I ask because you seem to like romance.
Casscade 19th Jun 2021, 7:33 PM

Not sure if I'll have the time to squeeze that in, but I'd like to!
MK_Wizard 19th Jun 2021, 8:08 PM

Do you best and I would love it if you could participate because your icon for your comic Withdrawn shows how good you are at drawing kisses so it would be great promotion for you.
JammyTheBirb 24th Jun 2021, 2:37 PM

If I were him, I'd be feeling increasingly silly. Lord Lupin is one sharp cookie.
MK_Wizard 24th Jun 2021, 2:41 PM

Lupin has been lied to enough time to be able to pick up on all of the signs.
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