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Issue 5 - Page 13

Page 13

Author Notes:

MK_Wizard 11th Aug 2021, 7:00 AM

Keep in mind that Uz is a slime and he stretch his legs to such a length that he can cover more ground when he runs. Even a fox or foxman would not be able to keep up.

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Keila Kittens 11th Aug 2021, 1:15 PM
Keila Kittens

but is Uz as clever as a foxman?
MK_Wizard 11th Aug 2021, 1:57 PM

Good quesiton. Uz and Tyler are both geniuses in their field.
Casscade 15th Aug 2021, 2:12 PM

I like how cartoony and bouncy his movements are! XD
MK_Wizard 15th Aug 2021, 2:42 PM

That was the idea.
JammyTheBirb 7th Oct 2021, 5:18 PM

I would LOVE to see that last panel animated.
MK_Wizard 7th Oct 2021, 5:21 PM

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